I see you

I see you

Nothing moves you forward faster than working 1:1 with a mentor.


When you work with me, I’ll guide you through a deep journey into and BEYOND your foundational story, beliefs, habits, and expressions to help you align who you’re BEING with the amazing and purposeful life you desire.

My ideal client is someone who knows they have a HUGE mission in this world and is ready to do whatever it takes to ditch the drama and overwhelm, get out of their own way, and be the change in their life and business.

I only work with a few individuals at at time so I can fully devote my energy to your transformation.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You are a entrepreneur, leader, changemaker, or influencer with a deep, undeniable drive to impact the world in a meaningful way - but you feel disconnected from your true purpose and stuck in a box that's too small for who you've become. You know a total self-reinvention is on your horizon ... but you have no idea where to begin.  

  • You're being called to show up as an aligned, conscious leader in your life and business, but you're struggling to tap into clarity and certainty around your gifts and offerings. You need help to find your true north and start moving forward with confidence. 

  • You have a HUGE big-picture vision and mission, but can't figure out what to do NOW to start creating it, and you're tired of spinning your wheels. You need help to pave a "landing strip" for that 30,000-foot vision and get your (kickass vegan leather) boots on the ground. 

If so, I may be the perfect mentor for you!



The reason most business strategies fail isn't that they're ineffective. It's that you're not BEING the version of you who can engage with them effectively.


Far too many people spend big money on strategy coaching year after year, but don’t get results. 

Maybe this has happened to you, too. 

  • Despite all the tactics, tools, and glittery tech, you're still overwhelmed, frustrated, and spinning in circles.
  • No matter how many new action steps you try, you still run up against the same old problems, and they stop you in your tracks.  
  • And despite your HUGE mission, you feel like maybe you're not "meant" to follow your soul's calling, Nothing you is working, and you're ready to give up.  

The truth is, until you are able to align your mindset, energy, and daily ways of being with what you're creating, you will always end up with a new version of the same old thing. #thanksbutnothanks.

It's not your fault. And it's DEFINITELY not a reason to give up on your vision. It's simply that you haven't learn how to BE the change you need to step into your magnetism and move forward with confidence. 

When you're building a vision that taps into your highest purpose, your greatest gifts, and your reason for being on this planet, you can't afford to mess around.

You need to become the version of you who can hold that space.

The version of you who refuses to accept anything less than the manifestation of your biggest dreams and desires. 

The version of you who is aligned, empowered, and unstoppable. 

If you’re ready to do whatever it takes to uplevel your reality and BE the change for yourself and everyone you serve ...

I want to guide you through your inner (r)evolution!



When you work with me privately, you'll receive ...

  1. Intensive mentoring/coaching with me on YOUR terms (book calls when you need them, as often as you need them!)

  2. Virtual or in-person VIP intensives (these are my favorites!)

  3. Unlimited access to me via email and Voxer

  4. ALL-IN access to everything I’m creating, including EVOLUTION events, my Manifestation Nation membership, and more.

  5. VIP early access and special client rates on my branded retreats.

  6. My unique genius at work for YOU to help you shatter the status quo and live into a brand new set of possibilities for your life and business. 



Clients are Saying

“During my very first session with Bryna, she asked me a question that sparked the idea and development of a whole new program in my business. She has a beautiful understanding of energy and how to use that energy to create magic. When she walks into a room, people notice her energy. It’s clean, fierce, determined, insightful. I consider Bryna a conduit of the quantum field. She’s so connected that she’s able to articulate a complicated concept in an approachable way that feels enlightening. She’s one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever met. And she’s also very real, very grounded.”

- Candy Hozza, spiritual strategist & business intuitive at www.CandaceHozza.com

“Since working with Bryna I’ve found my voice again. I’ve found my path. I’m able to approach my work differently, with more confidence, joy, and ease. My business is blossoming and I’m feeling more connected to it than ever before. I’m tremendously grateful to you, Bryna.”


“Knowing and learning from Bryna about quantum physics and manifestation blew my mind! She expanded my consciousness to such a high level, even though I already do mindfulness work … I released my block about being a ‘broke-ass bitch.’ I’ve completely shifted my mindset around money and had some of the best income months in my freelance photography business with the tools Bryna gave me.”

- Kim Fuller, tedX speaker & Mindful Photographer at www.KimFullerPhotography.com


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