VIP Packages

Every (r)evolution starts with a vision.

Let's illuminate yours.


My VIP packages are for spirit-driven creators who are ready to shine a light on their genius and step into a new level of authentic expression, abundance, and purposeful work. 

When you spend the day with me, we'll go on a journey into your inner world - a quest to reunite you with your personal magic (aka, your greatest gifts, purpose, and world-changing mission), breathe some dragon fire on whatever old beliefs and paradigms are keeping you stuck, and create a clear strategy for your upleveled work in the world.


A VIP Package is perfect for you if ...

  • You're ready for a massive dose of clarity around your purpose, work, or life path.

  • You're pivoting in your business and want support to make this shift in a way that aligns with your unique values, vision, and magic (rather than someone else's formula).

  • You want laser-targeted guidance around one specific challenge or question that's keeping you from skyrocketing your abundance, success, and impact.


Your outcomes may include (but aren't limited to) ...

  • A total re-ignition of your purpose, mission, and reason for being on this planet.

  • A 30,000-foot vision of (and awesome boundaries around) the new reality you're creating in your life and work.

  • Clear next steps in your reality creation plan.

  • A brand-new perspective on what is possible for you in your life, and how to actually manifest those possibilities. 

  • Tools and practices you can use every day to stay connected to the energy of what you're creating. 

Ready to work with me?

VIP half-day

Let's take a deep dive! This 3-hour intensive is perfect for dissolving a specific block or honing your vision so you can launch into your next steps with confidence. 


VIP full-day

I'm yours for a full day! 6 hours of re-visioning, clarity, block-busting inner alignment to illuminate your vision and evolve your relationship to your mission, purpose, and gifts.


Clients are Saying ...

“During my very first session with Bryna, she asked me a question that sparked the idea and development of a whole new program in my business. She has a beautiful understanding of energy and how to use that energy to create magic. I consider Bryna a conduit of the quantum field. She’s so connected that she’s able to articulate a complicated concept in an approachable way that feels enlightening. She’s one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever met. And she’s also very real, very grounded.”

- Candy Hozza, spiritual strategist & business intuitive at


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