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Hi, I'm Bryna Haynes, founder  and CEO of WorldChangers Media. As a nationally-known book strategist, speaker, ghostwriter, and editor, I've helped hundreds of thought leaders, teachers, healers, and enlightened entrepreneurs deliver their messages and radically uplevel their expert status through best-selling, impact-driven books.

Everything you really need to know about me

Where I'm from: Rhode Island. I'm a true New Englander. I've been known to say things like "wicked awesome" occasionally. Don't judge. 

Where I live: Rhode Island. This state has a tractor beam. It keeps calling me home. 

Married to: The world's best gondolier, Matthew “Marcello” Haynes.

Mama to: A Moonbeam and a Little Star (aka Aine and Aelyn)

Astrology: Sun in Pisces, Moon and Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Aquarius, Cancer ascendant, Saturn in Virgo. I'm a spiritual perfectionist with a knack for strategy.

Myers-Briggs Type: INTP (aka, the Logician)

Enneagram type: 5w4 (aka, The Iconoclast)

Human Design: 5/1 Manifestor

Things that make me do a happy dance: Travel (I’ll go just about anywhere!), my daughters' giggles, sushi, amazing boots, great fantasy novels, my clients' world-rocking ideas. 

Titles I claim in my spare time: Inspirational speaker, mindset magician, self-reinvention savant, retreat leader, yoga instructor, integrative philosopher, landscape photographer, travel hacker, dragon tamer. (No, I'm not kidding. Not even about the dragons.)

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