Hello, soul sister.

I see you. 

I see you stepping into your light like never before. 

I see you rocking your genius. Changing lives. Leading movements. 

I see you trading your comfort zone for your calling, your pain for your purpose, and your fear for your freedom. 

You are a new breed of visionary entrepreneur.

A world-healer. A changemaker. A spiritual superstar on a mission to transform our collective reality and make a meteoric impact with your genius. 

  • You're no longer willing to play by the rules of "hustle" and burnout to create abundance. 
  • You're no longer willing to compromise your joy and freedom for success. 
  • You're no longer willing to allow your fear to be bigger than your work in the world.
  • And you're no longer willing to keep playing out the same patterns and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you small and stuck for WAY too long.

Your vision is HUGE. It's calling you forward; you can't ignore it any longer. 

But you can't see how to get there from here in a way that actually feels like ... you. 

I hear you. And I know exactly what you're calling in.

You're calling in an "I'm gonna have my cake and eat it too" personal reality that empowers you to be MORE of who you are, not less. 

You're ready to develop creative pathways to help the people who NEED what you're offering right now.

You're excited to be accountable to your vision -- not just on a "busy work" level, but on an energetic, soul-deep level that blows the doors open around what's possible for you.  

You're ready to step out as a visionary at a time when the world NEEDS feminine leadership like never before. 

And you're craving an intimate community of powerful, intuitive, visionary women who are walking their own paths as creators. Women who "get" your spiritual side and speak your language. Women who will cheer your successes, hold you through your struggles, and build a new model for world healing right alongside you. 

Well, sister ... You've found your inner circle. 

The Celestial Sisterhood is no ordinary mastermind.

When you step into this space, you'll join forces with me and a select group of (r)evolutionary entrepreneurs to create a sacred circle of transformation.

Together, we'll define and clarify your biggest vision, tap into your spiritual superpowers, and dive into the kind of reality-shifting questions and conversations that create MAJOR breakthroughs. 


Find true Alignment

The success, abundance, and impact you desire to create can ONLY come from the inside out.

There is no “plug and play” formula for the life and work you're building. If you keep trying to create it according to someone else's formula, you'll always feel like you're falling short of your dream - or worse, like you're failing yourself. 

Ditto if you keep throwing strategy at the brick wall you're running into. Strategy works best after you create internal alignment. After all, you can drive fastest when the road is clear. 

The inner (r)evolution work we explore in the Celestial Sisterhood will exponentially magnify your inner growth, awareness, self-trust, and perception so you continually make the right choices for yourself and your business — meaning, the unique, highly-individualized choices that move you toward your greatest truth and vision. 

No more "squirrel syndrome."  No more indecision or floundering around in the fog. No more wishy-washy boundaries. No more comparison paralysis. Yes, it's possible!

The Sisterhood will also give you the practical, actionable tools you need to shift what isn’t working in your inner world so you can stop beating yourself up and get back to saving the world. (Imagine if, instead of letting your roadblocks swamp you for months, you could shift them almost immediately!)

Best of all, you’ll do this deep work in the company of other insightful, intuitive, visionary women who are standing in their power, manifesting their magnificence, and uplifting humanity through their work.

This is feminine energy lit up with STARFIRE. This is pure catalyzation.

This is personal growth on a celestial level.

This is what sisterhood is all about.

The Celestial Sisterhood is a circle of brilliant women who come together to support each other in all the ways we fail to support ourselves when we try to “grow alone."

Bryna has created a safe “come as you are” space where we can bravely challenge our beliefs about ourselves, our businesses, and our powers of creation. This is a space where accomplishments of all sizes are celebrated, and where hardships are faced as a group and respected as stepping stones to success.

Bryna’s intuitive guidance and laser-focused questions provide much-needed clarity around the problems that only we can solve. Joining the Celestial Sisterhood is a commitment to personal evolution and to the growth of a growing movement of conscious women who are changing the world!  

- ANA COFFEY, Founder, Sanctuary Reiki 

Let's Circle up!

The Celestial Sisterhood opens for new members on April 24, 2020.

This 12-month program will run from May 1, 2020 through April 30, 2021. 

We review applications on a first-come, first-served basis. There are only 16 spots remaining at this time, so submit your application today! 


What’s included
  • 4 one-hour private coaching calls with me where we'll clarify your vision and dissolve whatever's keeping you stuck so you can continue to take deliberate steps into your biggest goals. 

  • Powerful weekly circle calls where we will grow, learn, and troubleshoot as a collective. We will do whatever it takes to honor (or shift) the energy in the moment and realign with our vision, including meditation, breathwork, discussion, hot-seat coaching, journaling exercises, and more. 

  • Guest trainings from high-level experts in mindset, motivation, personal healing, meditation, and business alignment (to name a few subjects).

  • Three 1/2 day virtual retreat intensives.

  • Full VIP access to my MANIFESTATION NATION membership program, including monthly live masterclasses, meditations, mantras, and more.

  • All-access passes to my EVOLUTION live and virtual events. (Yup. Every single one.) 

  • A circle of high-powered female changemakers and spiritual superheroes who are on a mission to create a more abundant, more joyful, more vibrant reality for themselves, their communities, and the world!

Your Investment

Your Investment


Pay in full



(Save $1,360 over the monthly payment plan!)


Payment Plan


per month for 12 months  

(Easy monthly payments to support your budget!)



  • You are a female entrepreneur, coach, healer, leader, service provider, or influencer serving via a conscious business model. 

  • You know that who you’re being in your life and business has everything to do with your success, and you’re willing to be the change in your life no matter what it takes.

  • You're ready to be accountable to your mission and impact on an energetic level, as well as through your daily tasks and to-dos.

  • You're ready to take an honest look at the inner barriers, fears, beliefs, and narratives that have been holding you back, and do the work to shift them.

  • You're not afraid to ask the BIG, challenging questions that rock your world and blow your perspective wide open.

  • You want the support of a circle of women who are working at your level, creating powerful change in the world, and who are “walking their talk” in their work and relationships (this is a ZERO drama space!)

  • You want to make personal evolution, elevated consciousness, and sisterhood a bigger part of your daily world!


This work may not be for you if …

  • You’re looking for a mastermind that focuses on business strategy over personal growth. (If this is the case, I have some great recommendations for you.)

  • You aren’t willing to invest time and funds into your inner growth and energetic alignment.

  • You prefer to do your spiritual work alone, even if it takes you longer to find the answers you need.

  • You aren’t ready to leave behind old models of competition and scarcity in your life and business.

  • You aren’t ready or willing to fully support other women entrepreneurs through a cooperative model.

More Frequently Asked Questions

The Sisterhood provided a different emphasis on growth than most mastermind groups I've been part of. The focus was on mindset shifts vs tactical business plans. Bryna's deep knowledge of quantum change, yoga, other body/breath work, and a multitude of additional practices, plus her own curiosity to explore and learn, gave us a rich experience in every session.

I can definitely see changes in both my perspective and in my ability to define what my next steps are. And it's been lovely getting to know the other women in the group. I am so glad I have been able to participate in this!

- JUDY KANE, founder of, PSYCH-K® Facilitator

The Creatrix

Hey there. I’m Bryna Haynes, creator of the Celestial Sisterhood, and I’m living proof that the right circle of powerful, intentional, positive women can turn your life around.

Some of the most rapid periods of personal growth in my life have taken place inside of women’s coaching circles. I learned more about communication, compassion, motivation, and self-inquiry from my circle sisters than I ever did from books or podcasts. Why? Because I had to show up fully every single week, and be authentic, vulnerable, and crystal clear in my intentions. The brilliant women around me simply wouldn’t accept anything less.

In less than ten years, I’ve gone from bankrupt, depressed, and directionless to passionate, fulfilled, and completely rocking my purpose while creating an abundant business that fuels and funds everything I value — like world travel, family time, and a slightly dangerous obsession with beautiful Italian boots.

The best relationships are the ones that reflect to you the person you are becoming — the best possible version of yourself. When you see your own potential reflected in another woman’s eyes, and learn the tools to manifest it from within yourself, your life will never be the same again.

I named this group The Celestial Sisterhood because in this collective, we are ALL rising stars. Together, we will peel back the veils of fear and self-doubt so we can shine like the whole world is depending on us ...

Because it is. 

So, sister, are you ready to step into this spiral galaxy of personal and business (r)evolution?