Corporate trainings & Keynotes

Searching for a dynamic presenter who can stir up massive waves of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking?


Look no further.


Bryna’s superpower is distilling mind-blowing concepts into practical, approachable, and most of all, useful tools that clients and organizations can use to boost their performance. Her work isn’t just about demonstrating better ways to think; it’s about how to put better thinking to work in life and business, every single day.

Popular topics include

  • The Radical Mindshift: Reassessing Our Ideas about Possibility, Innovation, and Change

  • The Four Pillars of Abundance Mindset

  • The Secret to At-Will Innovation


“I was unsure what to expect and it was great to learn more about the science behind creativity and our thought patterns. The information was very well laid out and parallels clearly drawn between the various topics. We recently launched the concept of a monthly pitch day and having a clearer understanding of the difference between creativity and innovation will be extremely helpful to help bring clarity throughout the organization.”

- Michelle Pope, COO, CompuClaim

“I’ve studied mindset for over a decade! [Bryna] created a space to practice the upleveling of our thinking, and provided actionable tangible steps to integrate our learning when we left the bubble.”

- Diane Caine, John Maxwell Certified Coach/Consultant