People are Saying

"During my first session with Bryna, she asked me a question that sparked the idea and development of a whole new program in my business. I consider Bryna a conduit of the quantum field. She’s so connected that she’s able to articulate complicated concepts in an approachable way that feels enlightening. She’s one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever met. And she’s also very real, very grounded.”

- CANDY HOZZA, spiritual strategist and business intuitive

“One of Bryna’s great strengths is turning complex information into a great conversation. It’s like we are talking over coffee—but honing in on the blocks and beliefs that I couldn’t even see. Bryna translates all this personal development “stuff” in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also easy to feel.”

- MARIANNA ZOTOS, Principal, CleanRite RI

"Come and experience massive expansion of thought! Challenge your old ways of thinking, let go of self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you and meet some of your biggest supporters, who you did not yet know were in your corner! You will leave feeling cleansed, revitalized, and ready to take action.”

- CARRIE MAJEWSKI, founder, Women in Leadership Nexus on Evolution 2019

Bryna blew my mind with her wisdom!

Knowing and learning from Bryna about quantum physics and manifestation blew my mind! She expanded my consciousness to such a high level, even though I already do mindfulness work. 

Since Evolution 2019, I released my block about being a “broke-ass bitch.” I’ve completely shifted my mindset around money and had some of the best income months in my freelance photography business with the tools Bryna gave me. 

She’s so thoughtful and caring about everything you get at the event. Not only was I surrounded by her incredible wisdom but she is a magnet for dynamic women. 

She also pampered us throughout the entire event. We got an opportunity to get a massage, reiki, tarot readings, delicious food and be in a beautiful environment. If you’re thinking about attending Evolution 2020 it’s not to be missed. You won’t regret it!

- Kim Fuller, The Mindful Photographer

“I’ve studied mindset for over a decade! [Bryna] created a space to practice the upleveling of our thinking, and provided actionable tangible steps to integrate our learning when we left the bubble.”

- DIANE CAINE, John Maxwell Certified Coach/Consultant

“Since working with Bryna I’ve found my voice again. I’ve found my path. I’m able to approach my work differently, with more confidence, joy, and ease. My business is blossoming and I’m feeling more connected to it than ever before. I’m tremendously grateful to you, Bryna.”

- JEANNIE SPIRO, Business Coach & Strategist

“ 'So excited for what the world has to offer me now that I accept abundance!’ is how a young woman put it after attending Bryna’s Manifesting True Abundance event in our holistic center. The wisdom and experience that Bryna shares so passionately and enthusiastically is priceless, and everyone walked away inspired and empowered. Thanks, Bryna, for such timely and important lessons as we, women of all ages, continue to evolve into our authentic and fabulous selves!”

- KIM BROCHU, owner/manager, Lotus & Hawk Holistic Services

“Creating your reality is an extremely intimate and personal process that is tied in with our emotional, energetic and physical bodies. Bryna takes all this into account! By the halfway point in the workshop she had molded a group of strangers into a safe community, based on mutual appreciation, compassion, and respect. It was the perfect environment for me to process the information presented because I was able to be truly vulnerable with everyone there. I left the workshop with a renewed sense of hope and optimism about my ability to create my reality (and I wanted to hug everyone there)!"

- ANA COFFEY, founder, Sanctuary Reiki